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Reiki Services

Client Testimonials

“I have been struggling with a number of issues; mainly a lack of creativity, sleep, and general unwell feeling due to an autoimmune disease. I had also hit a wall in my own meditations, balancing, and cleansing when it comes to my heart chakra.  My favorite part of the process was how calming you were! It was so easy to slip into a relaxed state, and go with the flow. Reiki can be an intimidating process, but you made it so easy to brush any nerves off.  I immediately felt a wave of difference. Less tension in my body, my creativity sparked, and I slept like a baby. Looking forward to booking another session!”


- Kate - 

“I decided to get a Reiki healing session from Sam because I have been struggling with daily anxiety and depression. I had also been struggling with sleep and migraines that were making work nearly impossible. As the healing began, my body was able to immediately relax. I don’t know what this girl does, but it’s magic. My headache was gone, my anxiety had passed, and I was at peace with myself If you feel like you need a boost in your life, go and get a Reiki healing session. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed in life. I would recommend Sam in a heartbeat!”


- Sarah - 

"I have often read about the power of healing hands and I do believe that with Samantha’s help, Reiki has been very successful in managing my Fibromyalgia. I will always have pain, but the needle piercing pain I had been feeling recently was very difficult to ignore and impossible to sleep through, but I think I’ll get a good sleep tonight."


- Annette - 

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