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Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and plays a role in over 300 essential metabolic reactions. Needless to say, a deficiency in this essential nutrient is going to leave you feeling out of sorts, and can pave the way for more serious health issues down the line.


One of the simplest ways to boost levels of the magnesium in the body is by applying our amazing blend magnesium-rich body butter daily.


Not only does this replenish nutrients, but it also supports normal bone and muscle health, aids in sleeping, and leaves your skin soft, hydrated, and with a healthy glow!


More Health Benefits Of Magnesium Body Butter:

Cellular detoxification

Decreased inflammation

Lower blood pressure

Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

Enhanced cognitive function

Better bone health

Fewer headaches and migraines

Improved sleep

Better heart health

Less stress and anxiety

Reduction in muscle aches and pains

Anti-aging effects

…and much more!


This listing is for one 4oz glass jars of our GOOD NIGHT magnesium body butter












*These statements have not been FDA approved. These products are not international ended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

*Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, allergic to any of the ingredients, or taking any medications without first consulting your physician.

4OZ. Magnesium Body Butter - Good Night

  • organic olive oil, organic shea butter, organic beeswax, magnesium chloride brine, essentail oils: lavender, benzoin, bergamot, bluetansy, chamomile, juniper, sandalwood, spruce, orange, ceaderwood, ylang ylang.