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Eco-Friendly Living

Now more than ever consumers are becoming more and more aware of not just what’s in the products they purchase, but also how they are packaged. It’s not uncommon to see someone purchase one product over another simply because it’s in a more Eco-friendly, or green, package. Whether you are already living an Eco-friendly lifestyle or are looking for easy ways to start, I’ve compiled a list of a few things to help you get started.

Skip the plastic

Next time you’re at the grocery store, opt for paper bags instead of plastic bags. Better yet, start using your own reusable bags. After the groceries are unloaded, you can either take the paper bags straight to the recycling or turn them into a craft project or coloring canvas for the kids! It’s a win win!


Next time you’re cleaning our closet or garage, instead of taking it all to the trash can, sort through the items and donate what you can. When we donate, we’re not only helping those who could use it, but we’re reducing the amount of new products being made and putting less into landfills.

Reusable Containers

From water bottles, glass jars, and even previously used plastic containers can be reused and repurposed. We are lucky enough to have Hello! Bulk Markets in Salt Lake City that sells everything from yogurt, grains, and beans, to shampoos and soaps all without packaging. You bring your own containers, weigh your purchase, and only pay for what you take. Again, less food and material waste and also helping a local small business.

Plant Powered Products

We’ve all heard it before, but the ‘Power of plants’ is one of the truest statements around. As a herbalist myself, I can personally attest to the strength and usability of all things plants. There are a lot of products filled with chemicals that are harmful to both you and the environment, so next time you’re looking for cleaning or hygiene supplies, check out the plant based ones. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Shop Local

When you visit your local farmer’s market or bulk grocery store, you are cutting down on packaging waste because one, you are using your own bags and two, most of the items are sold loose and not prepackaged.

For my own personal journey, and one of the reasons I started Blue Branches was my desire to provide everyone with clean, natural, and sustainable products. All the items in my shop, from the Soap Savers, Facial Rounds, and Tea Infusers are made to help heal, save, and reduce.

So, before you head out on your next grocery trip or are wondering what to do with all those clothes you never wear anymore, sit down and think if there is something you can do to make not just your world a little better, but everyone's world as well.

Love + Positive Vibes,


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