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Holiday Shopping Small & Local

It's no secret that our small and local makers still need our support and love. With all the craziness with shipping times and prices from the big box retailers, why not shift our spending to the people that truly need and appreciate our business? As a small business owner myself, I cannot express how excited I get for every sale and how much love goes into each package.

I've put together a small list of just a few of my personal favorite small and local shops and makers. There is something for everyone in this list; gourmet chocolates, toys, jewelry, and even beauty supplies. You can't go wrong at these places!


Salt & Honey Market

This woman owned and operated shop never ceases to amaze me. With three locations, each one is filled with such a wide variety of items that this store alone could cover everyone, including yourself, on your shopping list. All the vendors featured in the shop are local and have been hand picked to be on sale.

Photo credit: Salt & Honey Market

Wild Yarrow Bead Co

Owner and designer Jody incorporates artistry, beauty, and nature into each of her designs and is personally responsible for my obsession with earrings.

Every piece is handcrafted by Jody herself and is inspired by nature, motherhood, and a love and gratitude for life.

Photo credit: Will Yarrow Bead Co

Serendipity Stores

Who doesn't love a spa day? At Serendipity, you can get a wax, eyelash extensions, henna brow tints, and so much more. Owner Kenzie is amazing at what she does and takes extra care to make sure all of her clients are comfortable and happy.

You can purchase gift cards, products, and schedule through her site.

Photo credit: Serendipity Stores

Sarah's Silks

Sarah’s Silks is a family owned company specializing in Waldorf inspired sustainable toys for children. From play silks, to capes, fairy dresses, streamers and other nature inspired toys, Sarah’s Silks has something for everyone!

Photo credit: Sarah's Silks

Things They Love

This one of a kind store is all about bringing you ethically made toys that ignite and grow your child's imagination and spirit. Most of the toys on their site are handmade by other small businesses around the world, but all share the same passion and mission.

Photo credit: Things They Love

& Nest

Thoughtfully designed and created using sustainable and natural materials, there are toys for all the kids in your life. They strive to make sure each toy is durable and timeless allowing them to be passed from generation to generation.

Photo credit: & Nest

The Chocolate Palette

Who doesn’t love sweet chocolate treats around the holidays!? Anne from Chocolate Palette has taken chocolate to another level with a combination of science, art, and flavors that go into artisan truffles.

These amazing gourmet treats are located throughout Salt Lake City at various shops are available for purchase online.

Photo credit: The Chocolate Palette

The Cupcake Shop and Bakery

These are the most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten and they even offer gluten free options as well. Located in Ogden, Shelly is an amazingly talented baker and active member of the community. Shelly started The Cupcake Shoppe so she could share her lifelong love of baking with everyone!

Photo credit: The Cupcake Shop and Bakery

I wish you and all your loved ones all the happiness and comfort this holiday season!

With love,


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